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Tim Bratz is a successful entrepreneur, investor, speaker, & mentor. He founded and leads several companies including, Legacy Wealth Holdings (, which buys, develops, & holds commercial real estate investments around the US. Tim grew up in a blue collar suburb of Cleveland OH, where his parents taught him values of hard work, integrity, philanthropy, & achievement that have been a cornerstone in his life. After graduating from college, he started reading all the classic success-oriented personal development books. On a flight home from a business conference in 2017, Tim read the book, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz, and thought to himself, “Man, these ideas are amazing! Can you imagine learning this early in life, and the trajectory that it would set you on?” Having a 2-year old at the time, he searched high & low for achievement-oriented books for toddlers & young kids. Nothing was out there, so he felt an obligation to build his own book series to convey these thought principles to children. That’s how the Little Legacy Learning™ was born! Tim and his wife, Kate (co-author of the series!), are the parents of two little achievers, Penelope & Hudson. Their family shares time between Charleston SC, Cleveland OH, and traveling around the world.

Erin Slivka grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland where her parents fostered her BIG imagination and encouraged her to dream freely and work hard. When she was twelve years old, she took a sharpie to her bedroom wall and wrote down her favorite quote; “if you could envision the type of person God intended you to be, you would rise up and never be the same again”. Yes, her parents let her keep it there and ever since then, she’s had a dream to live up to her fullest potential. She currently resides in a warmer climate with her husband and two children. Her passion now includes teaching children, from a young age, that no dream is too big to reach if you work hard, stay persistent and always believe!
Kate Bratz started her career in Internal Audit after graduating from Miami University of Ohio as an accounting major. She desired more fulfillment and went back to school for her Bachelors in Nursing and obtained her dream job as a Neonatal Nurse. Kate is now a stay at home mom to two little achievers, and on her own journey of personal development and becoming the best version of herself. She dreams for Little Legacy Learning to make this a natural journey for younger generations.

Kev Jackson is a professional illustrator and graphic designer living in Atlanta, Georgia. Ever since he was a kid he dreamt big of one day growing up to spread his artwork across the world. He is blessed in the sense that he now is able to do just that. Through his successful professional career and his freelance side projects, Kev is living proof that nothing is impossible through hard work, dedication and ambition! Visit Kev’s website:

Derek Brennan is an artist from Cleveland Ohio. He received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University where he served as President of the Two-Dimensional Art Association. During his time at the university, he received multiple awards including two Ringholz Art Supply Awards and 1st place awards in painting and drawing. Post-graduation, Derek worked for a Cleveland clothing company as a graphic designer creating t-shirt designs. Now he is a freelance artist and muralist who has created murals in Fostoria, Sandusky, Lakewood and Cleveland. Visit Derek’s website:

Ford & Friends Think Big & Go To Baseball Camp

Ford is a kid with BIG dreams! Sometimes he doesn’t know where to start or how to get there, but he’s guided by his resourcefulness and the support from his family and his three best friends. He understands there will be bumps along the way, and has learned that he’ll never lose if he just keeps trying!

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