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Think Big and go to Baseball Camp book cover - Little Legacy Learning

Ford is a kid with BIG dreams! Sometimes he doesn’t know where to start or how to get there, but he’s guided by his resourcefulness and the support from his family and his three best friends. He understands there will be bumps along the way, and has learned that he’ll never lose if he just keeps trying!

How to Win Class President and Influence Peers book cover - Little Legacy Learning

As Ford navigates running for student council he soon realizes that becoming class president is more than being the class leader, it’s about being the right leader. With the support and encouragement from his family and three best friends Ford learns how to make new friends and work well with others in order to become the best kind of leader he can be!

The Power of Positivity book cover - Little Legacy Learning

Ford and his friends cannot wait to try out for the school basketball team! However, Ford’s excitement quickly turns into disappointment. With the help of his parents and a new found friend, Ford receives a lesson about gratitude. The more grateful Ford becomes the more he’s able to focus on the positive and find a way to overcome his obstacles!

Richest Kid in the Neighborhood book cover - Little Legacy Learning

At the start of summer, Ford’s lawn care business is thriving. But as the money starts coming in, he quickly realizes he has a lot to learn when it comes to managing it. With the support and encouragement of a new friend, Ford learns the secret to financial freedom!

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​Little Legacy Learning is on a mission to instill success principles in our youth from an early age. By teaching children valuable life skills like pursuing excellence, facing adversity, serving others, and building self-confidence, we hope to enable them to challenge the status quo and to focus on never-ending improvement. We strongly believe in delivering ongoing education and support to empower these young achievers to reach their fullest potential. We have ambitious goals to positively impact the world, beginning with its most precious resource, our children!

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